Please take care of the COVID-19 situation: You need to comply with the current Austrian (and Viennese) regulations, e.g. wearing a nose-mouth protection (i.e. FFP2 mask) in public transportation and shops. Presently, Siemens follows the general rule of “tested, vaccinated, or recovered” for admission to the event. It means that you will need to present a proof of testing, recovery or vaccination (e.g. a certificate or the “green pass”) when you enter the building. In addition, you need to wear an FFP2 mask in common areas such as corridors, elevators, and entry to mensa – but not in offices, meeting rooms, and at dining tables. We will supply you an FFP2 mask if you can’t bring your own.

The workshop will be hosted by

in the Conference Center of Siemens City Vienna (Siemensstraße 90, 1210 Wien).

Siemens City is easily reachable by public transportation: Just take local railway lines (“Schnellbahn”) S1, S2, or S7 towards Leopoldau, Gänserndorf, Mistelbach, Wolkersdorf, Bernhardsthal, or Breclav until stop “Siemensstrasse”. Train frequency is approximately 10 minutes and travel time from City center (“Wien Mitte, Landstraße”) is about 15 minutes.

The main entrance of Siemens City is just 3 minutes walk (towards East) of the station “Siemensstrasse”.

If you arrive by car, we offer guest parking lots in Franz-Sebek-Strasse just opposite of the main building. Please ring the bell at the barrier and tell the reception that you visit the Configuration Workshop.

Please introduce yourself at the reception as participant of the “Configuration Workshop” and they will let you pass to our registration desk where you will get a visitor’s badge for 2 days and a folder with all the necessary information.
About 50 meters onward, a spiral staircase and an elevator on your right lead up to the conference center (Building 62 – see building plan below).
The workshop and coffee breaks will take place on the first floor, and we will take the lunch in the mensa on the ground floor.

The workshop dinner will take place on Thursday evening in a typical Viennese restaurant in the city: Restaurant Ofenloch. We will have 3 courses with a restricted selection of dishes (meat, fish, vegetarian).

On Wednesday we start at 18:00 with an informal – fully optional – warm-up chat in the cafeteria or – weather permitting – at the lake in the Siemens city (next to the conference center). You may bring a bottle of your favorite wine so that we can have a private wine-tasting. There will also be an opportunity to register then. Please send a short email to andreas.a.falkner at if you plan to join.