The original program: CWS-2021-Program.pdf.
The accepted papers: (proceedings are also available on CEUR – Vol. 2945).
The two invited talks:
The slides (PDF) of all presentations: (including the best paper awards).
Some impressions (including the official workshop participants photo):


Wednesday 2021-09-15
18:00 Informal meeting and chat (fully optional)

Thursday 2021-09-16
8:00 Start of registration
9:00 Welcome note, invited talk, coffee break, technical session
11:45 Lunch (on-site)
13:15 Technical sessions, coffee breaks
17:20 Information about next year’s workshop
19:00 Dinner (Restaurant Ofenloch)

Friday 2021-09-17
9:00 Invited talk, coffee break, technical session
11:45 Best paper awards
12:30 Optional lunch (on-site)